The Fort Drum region provides comprehensive behavioral health services, i.e. pyschiatry, psychology, social work services, and substance abuse/dependence services for the community.

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Additional Resources:


Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity

– A Checklist to Facilitate Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

– Cultural Competency Assessment Scale: Organizational Level

– Organizational Cultural Competence: A Review of Assessment Protocols

– Cultural Competence Education for Practicing Physicians: Lessons in Cultural Humility, Nonjudgmental Behaviors, and Health Beliefs Elicitation

– Bridging the Gap: A Curriculum to Teach Residents Cultural Humility

– Cultural Competency Assessment Scale

– Organizational Cultural Competence Review of Assessment Protocols

Patient Engagement

– Outreach to High-Need, High-Cost Individuals: Best Practices for New York Health Homes

– Brief Report: Spirituality Matters: Creating a Time and Place for Hope

– Original Paper: Blacks And Hispanics Are Less Likely Than Whites To Complete Addiction Treatment, Largely Due to Socioeconomic Factors

Reducing Stigma

– A Toolkit for Evaluating Programs Meant to Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness

– The Stigma Scale: development of a standardized measure of the stigma of mental illness

– The “Backbone” of Stigma: Identifying the Global Core of Public Prejudice Associated With Mental Illness

– Original Article: Conceptualizing Stigma

– Original Article: Measuring Mental Illness Stigma

– Original Article: Mental Health Treatment Seeking Among Older Adults with Depression: The Impact of Stigma and Race

– ANTI-STIGMA TOOLKIT: A Guide to Reducing Addiction-Related Stigma

Trauma-Informed Care

– A Treatment Improvement Protocol- Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services

– National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Presentation: Is Your Organization Trauma-Informed?

– Models for Developing Trauma-Informed

– Behavioral Health Systems and Trauma-Specific Services


Resource links from Montefiore Medical Center’s Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Resource Repository.