Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA)

National Health Service Corps Students to Service Loan Repayment Program

Program Description: medical students (MD or DO) and dental students (DMD or DDS) in final year of school

Eligibility: U.S. Citizen or U.S. National | full-time student in final year of accredited medical or dental school | planning to complete an accredited primary care medical or dental residency in NHSC-approved specialty

Service Commitment: 3 years full-time or 6 years half-time

Financial Benefits: up to $120,000 base on availability

Service Area: NHSC-approved sites in federally designated HPSAs of greatest need throughout the U.S. and territories

Awards Determined/Prioritized By: disadvantaged background and those likely to serve and remain in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA)

State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

Program Description: provides cost-sharing grants to individual states for primary care providers working in health professional shortage areas

Eligibility: physicians; NPs; PAs; dental professionals; mental health; RNs; pharmacists (varies state-t0-state) | U.S. Citizen, U.S. National or lawful permanent resident | state license for employment | applying or accepted to work at HPSA site | unpaid government or commercial student loans for school tuition

Service Commitment: minimum of 2 years; additional 1 year for additional support

Financial Benefits: loan repayment assistance for qualified educational debt (amount varies state-to-state)

NHSC Loan Repayment Program

Eligibility: U.S. Citizen or U.S. National | eligible to participate as provider for Medicare, Medicaid or State Children’s Health Insurance Program | fully trained and licensed to practice in NHSC-eligible primary care medical, dental or mental/behavioral health discipline | unpaid student loans

Service Commitment and Financial Benefits: up to $50,000 for a 2-year full-time clinical practice (40 hours per week for at least 45 weeks per year) or up to $25,000 for a 2-year half-time clinical practice

NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program

Program Description: offers funding to RNs, advanced practice registered nurses and nursing faculty for payment of their qualifying educational loans in exchange for 2 years of service commitment in health care facility with critical shortage of nurses or eligible school of nursing

Eligibility: U.S. Citizen, U.S. National or lawfully permanent resident | current license | employed at least 32 hours per week at public or nonprofit critical shortage facility or employed full-time at eligible public or private nonprofit school of nursing

Service Commitment: 2 year minimum with optional third year

Financial Benefits: 60 percent of total outstanding loan balance incurred during 2-year service commitment | possible 25 percent more with third year of service

Service Area: multiple site types to include public hospitals, nursing homes, Hospice, home health agencies, etc.

Faculty Loan Repayment Program

Program Description: provides loan repayment to individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career as a faculty member in a health professions school

Eligibility: disadvantaged background | have an eligible health professions degree or certificate and an employment commitment as a faculty member at an approved health professions institution for a minimum of 2 years

Financial Benefits: up to $40,000 for 2 years of service to repay the outstanding principal and interest of qualifying educational loans

Doctors Across New York (DANY)

Psychiatrist Loan Repayment Program

Program Description: Doctor’s Across New York (DANY) is a series of state-funded programs enacted in 2008 and administered by the Department of Health (DOH) to help train and place physicians in a variety of settings and specialties for New York’s diverse population.

Eligibility: psychiatrists with active student loan debt who agree to serve at a NYS Office of Mental Health Psychiatric Center for at least 5 years

Financial Benefits: up to $150,000 in tax-free reimbursement

Physician Practice Support Funds and Physician Loan Repayment

Program Description: Doctor’s Across New York (DANY) is a series of state-funded programs enacted in 2008 and administered by the Department of Health (DOH) to help train and place physicians in a variety of settings and specialties for New York’s diverse population.

Eligibility: hospitals, health care facilities, U.S. Citizens or permanent residents who graduated in New York State

Service Commitment and Financial Benefits: loan repayment up to $150,000 over 5-year period for physicians who commit to a 5-year service obligation in an underserved region. Practice Support provides up to $100,000 in funding over a 2-year period to applicants who can identify a licensed physician that has completed training and will commit to a 2-year service obligation in an underserved region of New York State.

Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

Program Description: enables students accepted or enrolled in a diploma, associate, baccalaureate or graduate nursing program to receive funding for tuition, fees and other education costs in exchange for working at an eligible NURSE Corps site upon graduation

Eligibility: U.S. Citizens (born or naturalized), U.S. Nationals or lawful permanent residents | enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a professional nursing degree program at accredited school of nursing located in the U.S. | free from any Federal judgement liens | free from existing service commitments | not delinquent on Federal debt

Selection Criteria: preference given to qualified applicants with greatest financial needs in nursing or nurse practitioner program as full-time students

Service Commitment: serve at least 2 years in qualifying NURSE Corps site

Financial Benefits: tuition, eligible fees, reasonable costs (books, clinical supplies, instruments, uniforms, etc.) and a monthly stipend

Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) Program

Program Description: increase nursing education opportunities for individuals who are from disadvantaged backgrounds

Eligibility: accredited schools of nursing | nursing centers, academic health centers | state or local governments | other private or public entities

Selection Criteria: funding preference given to applicants with projects that benefit rural or underserved populations or help meet public health nursing needs in state or local health departments