FDRHPO, in partnership with our local hospitals and community college, offers students entering grades 8-12 the opportunity to learn what health professionals do each day.

By participating in interactive, hands-on activities that highlight various career opportunities, students learn about the educational requirements, skills, typical job duties and personal qualities of specific health professionals. Involvement in MASH (Medical Academy of Science and Health) Camp will also increase student awareness and understanding of the hospital setting and structure. Additionally, this program provides students the opportunity to network with healthcare professionals in their community, thus building long-term mentoring relationships.

MASH Camp is a unique opportunity for students to experience the health care world in an interactive way. It provides an opportunity for students to take advantage and experience the field of healthcare and start their educational pathway in pursuit of a degree.

The 3-day session (9:00-3:00 pm) will help answer some questions and then provide students with a path to explore their options more in-depth. Regardless of the hospital placement, each day will be different with interesting and thought-provoking exercises and activities that will give a real life experience.

MASH Camp is offered in the summer at Lewis County General Hospital, Carthage Area Hospital, Samaritan Medical Center, Gouverneur Hospital, River Hospital and Jefferson Community College. MASH Camp at Jefferson Community College is a 2-day, lab-based camp that explores Life Sciences through fun and engaging experiments. Students will learn proper lab technique while conducting experiments and activities in microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, blood typing and DNA analysis.

Additionally, MASH Camp is offered in February, (winter break) at Carthage Area Hospital, Lewis County General Hospital, River Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital and Samaritan Medical Center.


Winter 2019 MASH Camp dates are as follows:

River Hospital: February 18-19
Lewis County General Hospital: February 18-20
Samaritan Medical Center: February 19-21
Carthage Area Hospital: February 19-21
Gouverneur Hospital: February 19-21


Application Process:

Applications for Winter 2019 MASH Camp are now closed. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be ranked on the following criteria:

1. Application — Click Here
– A 250-word essay which includes reason for interest in MASH Camp, the health care field and plans for the future. Application and essay must be completed and submitted electronically via Survey Monkey.

2. School Counselor Reference & Ranking Form — Click Here
– Verification of GPA of 75 or above
– A good attendance record

*These forms must be completed by school counselor and submitted to FDRHPO via fax, mail or email.


Accepted Students:

All students selected to participate in the MASH Camp experience will need to submit the following informationIf you have any questions regarding MASH Camp, please contact workforce@fdrhpo.org.

  • – Release of Liability forms signed by parent/guardian
  • – Media Release form signed by parent/guardian
  • – Up-to-date immunization records
  • – Proof of physical within the past year
  • – Proof of TB Skin Test within the past year
  • – Proof of flu vaccine or waiver (you will be required to wear a mask)
  • – Documentation of any medical conditions, dietary needs or allergies
  • – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) signed by parent/guardian and student


Applications for Winter 2019 MASH Camp are now closed.