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FDRHPO EMS Public Awareness TV ads

*Video:fdrhpo ems public awareness tv ads

FDRHPO Website TV ad

*Video:fdrhpo website tv ad

Tele-medical Network Description

*Video:tele-medical network description video

Tele-medical Network Press Conference

*Video:tele-medical network press conference

Battlefield Emergency Care Training

*Video:battlefield emergency care training

2010 FDRHPO Annual Meeting

*Video:2010 fdrhpo annual meeting

Behavioral Health Recruitment TV PSA

*Video:behavioral health recruitment tv psa spot

Behavioral Health Recruitment Video

*Video:behavioral health recruitment full length video

Medical Careers Preview

*Video:medical careers short teaser video

Medical Careers Video

*Video:medical careers full length video

Physicians Recruitment TV PSA

*Video:physicians recruitment tv psa spot

Physicians Recruitment Video

*Video:physicians recruitment full length video

Fort Drum Region Synopsis

*Video:fort drum region synopsis video

Welcome Our Soldiers Home TV PSAs

*Video:welcome our soldiers home 2 tv psa spots