The FDRHPO Recruitment Project is actively building a long-term workforce from local students by creating a pathway for them to succeed in the healthcare field. To engage students early on, FDRHPO offers high school and post-secondary students the opportunity to job shadow in a professional healthcare setting. The job shadow experience is valuable to students in shaping future career choices, preparing college applications and networking with healthcare professionals in their community.

Likewise, these programs provide healthcare facilities with potential candidates for future employment.


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Job Shadow Testimonials:


rogelio-higbyRogelio Higby

“Thank you for showing me what a dentist’s daily tasks are. I learned that a dentist must not only depend on what he learns in school, but also what he learns from his work. I learned many things and gained great insight through the program. The more time I spent there, the more I wanted to continue pursuing a healthcare career.”


job-shadow-testimonyElizabeth Kimmick

“I have really enjoyed this opportunity. Due to this experience, I have learned a lot about being an RN that I had not previously known. I was very excited about finding a program like this because I wanted to learn more about the field before going to college. Today was an exciting day in maternity. I was lucky enough to witness the natural birth of two babies today as well as a c-section. It truly was an amazing thing to see!”


job-shadow-testimonyMadeline Wetterhahn

“The day to day activities of a PA were completely different than what I perceived, or what you would be led to believe on television, yet after watching the PA’s interact with patients and other Physicians, I knew this would be a great career for me to enter. Through these hours, I learned that I want stability in my future career, as well as a certain level of social interaction. At Samaritan, the hospital is large enough to provide cases of interest, but small enough to get to know patients. Through this program, I also found that NNY and SMC in particular, would be a place I would return to after finishing my education.”


Post-Secondary Testimonials:


job-shadow-testimonyLauren Wetterhahn

“Through my internship, I learned a lot about how common infectious diseases are treated and what exactly an infectious disease specialist actually does. Excluding the way the program helped me determine whether or not I will continue on my chosen career path, it also will help me show medical school admissions officers that I know what I am getting myself into. It was important to get a feel for the medical profession before applying to medical schools, and just as important to show medical schools that I have spent time in a clinical setting.”


job-shadow-testimonyMadalynn Zocco

“I believe that this internship was extremely beneficial to my future education and career. This learning experience has helped to solidify my decision to become a Medical Technologist and to work in a clinical laboratory setting. I am very happy with my experience as well as very grateful for the opportunity that I was given.”


job-shadow-testimonyMarc Delaney

“It was extremely refreshing to follow someone so approachable and willing to answer my questions. It was great to hear their career advice and to discuss some aspects of their career choice. I had a great time and each day I left the clinic with far greater insight into medicine than I had expected… and it was all amongst great company!”