Overview: The Fort Drum Region offers many unique opportunities to practice in your field of medicine that cannot be found anywhere else in the state. The healthcare system in the communities surrounding Fort Drum is highly diverse and flexible no matter where you work. Here are some of the highlights of working in this region.

● You have the opportunity to serve with diverse populations, including Fort Drum soldiers, their families, veterans and the rural population
● Robust health information technology network
● Provider shortage area so you are eligible for financial incentives: http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/
● Charming communities and plenty of recreational activities
● One hour drive from major medical research and education institution

Discover the Fort Drum Area: For more information on living and practicing in this region, see this video!

*Video:discover the fort drum region

Careers in the Fort Drum Region: Information on physician, behavioral health and EMS professionals. Watch these videos!

Physicians Recruitment Video

*Video:physicians recruitment video

Behavioral Health Recruitment Video

*Video:behavioral health recruitment full length video

EMS Public Awareness TV ads

*Video:fdrhpo ems public awareness tv ads