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Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization FDRHPO or Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization is an agency that strengthens the North Country Healthcare System for Fort Drum Soldiers, their Families and the surrounding civilian community. FDRHPO connects the Military Treatment Facility with the regional healthcare system. FDRHPO does not provide services; rather our role is to evaluate, plan and strengthen the link between Fort Drum community members and quality health care in Northern NY. View FDRHPO fact sheets that summarize each project, its initiatives and some of the outcomes.

Our Mission

Initiated and supported by then Congressman John M. McHugh, FDRHPO originated from a Department of Defense 721 pilot program for healthcare delivery. The mission of FDRHPO is to analyze the existing healthcare system available to Fort Drum Soldiers, their Families, and the surrounding civilian community, identify gaps and then leverage additional medical resources. To enhance and expand healthcare resources for the growing Fort Drum community, FDRHPO created partnerships with regional healthcare institutions. The result is a strengthened, more adaptive Healthcare System that is still in use today.

Our Goals

– Identify the healthcare needs of Fort Drum and the surrounding community – Develop a plan to address and support the healthcare needs of the entire community, including Fort Drum – Foster the collection and exchange of information to promote health through coordinated area-wide health services and programs – Further such purposes in coordination with federal, state, and county governments, the military and local health care providers, agencies and consumers and in accordance with supporting the mission of the U.S. military; and Leverage resources to further the stated objectives Click here to learn more