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Board of Directors 

Fort Drum Regional Health Planning’s Board of Directors is comprised of people employed by organizations across the healthcare continuum.  They serve in high-level roles that uniquely position them to quickly implement decisions positively affecting the military-civilian healthcare model.  This includes MEDDAC Command, whose participation is critical to the organization’s core mission.

Executive Committee

CHAIR: Richard Duvall, CEO, Carthage Area Hosptial & Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center

VICE CHAIR: Tom Carman, CEO, Samaritan Medical Center

EX-OFFICIO: COL Christina Buchner, Commander - USA MEDDAC - Fort Drum

SECRETARY: Jim Wright, representative, Advocate Drum

TREASURER: Dale Klock, President, Carthage Federal Savings and Loan, Board Member of Carthage Area Hospital

EX-OFFICIO: Erika Flint, Executive Director, FDRHPO 


Jerry Cayer, CEO, Lewis County Health Systems

Joey Marie Horton, CEO, North Country Family Health Center

Stephen Jennings, Director of Public Health, Jefferson County Public Health Service

Richard Kazel, Syracuse Medical VA Care Line Manager, Syracuse VA Medical Center (Ex-officio)

Dr. Steve Lyndaker, Medical Director, FDRHPO (Ex-officio)

Emily Mastaler, CEO, River Hospital

Donna McGregor, President, St. Lawrence Health & Gouverneur Hospital

Richard Merchant, CEO, Northern Area Health Education Center

Tim Ruetten, Director, Jefferson County Community Services

Deb Singleton, Chair, REMSCO

Dierdra Sorrell, CEO, Clifton-Fine Hospital

COL Evelyn Vento, Deputy Commander Clinical Services, USA MEDDAC - Fort Drum (Ex-officio)

Timothy Virkler, Board Member, Samaritan Medical Center, and Court Attorney, Jefferson County Surragate's Court

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