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Mental Health and Substance Abuse

FDRHPO continues to work with healthcare partners to improve access to mental health and substance use services through research, data anayltic support, community outreach, stakeholder trainings, healthcare staff recruitment, and the advancement of telehealth and telemedicine services. 

Our past work includes robust recruitment strategies aimed at increasing the number of psychologists, psychiatrists, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors, social workers, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. We've also promoted the use of evidence-based mental health and substance use screening tools like PHQ, and SBIRT, by providing implementation support and/or trainings to regional stakeholders. 

Our work to help improve access to services includes the management and distribution of important mental health and substance use news and information to local healthcare partners. We provide important information to local partners regarding available resources, services, and training relevant to their line of work.

FDRHPO also provides collaboration and support to drug-free coalitions across Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties, including the Massena Drug Free Coalition, Lewis County United Prevention (UP!) Coalition, and the Alliance for Better Communities. Since 2017, we've helped to distribute more than 10,000 biodegradable medication disposal bags and more than 250 prescription lockboxes throughout the region to mitigate medication diversion. 

With support from NYSDOH, FDRHPO has implemented multiple harm-reduction initiatives including the distribution of drug disposal kids, medication lock boxes, mountable medication disposal containers, and NaloxBoxes (NARCAN emergency kits) throughout the region.  

Reducing Stigma

Our work includes campaigns to raise awareness about the stigma associated with mental illness and substance use disorder, promoting available services and resources in the region, enhancing cultural competency through marketing campaigns and trainings, posting geo-targeted mobile advertisements, and developing locally produced provider education videos and public service announcements.

Here is an example of our past work: 

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