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Activating the


Jefferson County - (315) 786-2601

Lewis County - (315) 376-3511

St. Lawrence County - (315) 379-2240


Anyone can activate the NNY CISM Team. The call is usually placed by a line officer or chief.

A team member will return your call and make arrangement for a defusing, debriefing, or a one-on-one intervention.

When contacting the NNY CISM Team please be prepared to answer the following:

· Who you are

· Where you are calling from

· Where you can be reached

· Details about the incident

· Approximately how many people have been affected by the incident

Our Mission
The REMSCO NNY Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team provides exceptional peer counseling, training, critical incident intervention and support to First Responders and others in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties.


Examples of critical incidents:

· Multiple victim or mass casualty incident

· Patients who have suffered violent trauma

· Death or serious injury to children

· Hostage situations

· Line of duty death of First Responder

· Prolonged rescue situations, even if the outcome is positive

· Extensive media coverage

· Any incident that may overwhelm the normal coping mechanism of a First Responder

As a First Responder, whether volunteer or paid, you can be called to respond to a  critical incident at any given time. Sometimes, even though the event may be over, you may still experience strong emotional, physical. Or mental responses. These responses, like those listed above, are quite common and very normal after an incident.

When you or members of your department are experiencing some of the signs or symptoms listed above, it may be time to ask for help. With the assistance of the NNY CISM Team, the duration of symptoms can be substantially reduced.

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