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1115 Waiver and what it means for EMS

In the past week, the nonprofit EMS agencies throughout the region received an email from Joanna Loomis with FDRHPO and NCI (North Country Initiative) about the NYS 1115 Waiver. Here’s what this may mean for you:


  • We estimate this statewide project will bring nearly $100 million to nonprofit organizations just in our 10-county region alone, over the next 3 years. (For this project, our region is defined as: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington counties.)

  • We believe EMS agencies have a role to play (and therefore, stand to reap some of those funds) chiefly through screening and navigation. What that means is, you could get reimbursed by asking a set of 12 questions to patients who have Medicaid; if the patient’s answers indicate they have social needs, you would then use an online platform to connect them with services in the community as appropriate (ex: food pantry, or an organization that can help them get housing, etc.).

  • Organizations would also be eligible for additional funding and support to get ready to participate in this project.

  • The state anticipates the project will start around August 1st. First the state has to decide who will lead this work in our region. FDRHPO & NCI are working with Adirondack Health Institute (AHI) to apply as the lead. As part of the application, we want to include letters of intent from organizations who stand to participate.

  • Call to action:

  • Please complete the letter of intent (found below) and email to by March 1st 

  • Please complete this form by March 1st (fill out to the best of your ability; using estimates is OK)

  • If you want to learn more, contact Joanna Loomis at (315) 755-2020 x31 or

1115 Letter of Intent - EMS Template
Download DOCX • 33KB

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