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Community Health Survey Begins

Updated: Feb 14

Adult residents of Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties encouraged to share thoughts regarding local healthcare

Watertown, NY, May 22, 2023 —– The Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization (FDRHPO), in partnership with the North Country Health Compass Partners, will be reaching out to community members for its 2023 Community Health Survey beginning this Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

Completed on an annual basis, the survey asks local adults about their thoughts and experiences with healthcare. Responses are kept anonymous and are used to assess the effectiveness of local programs, identify specific health needs in the community, and create plans to address these needs.

The telephone portion of the survey will be completed within one week using phone numbers that have been randomly selected within Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties. It also will be emailed to a number of our region’s residents.  

FDRHPO’s goal is to have at least 1,500 adults complete the survey — roughly 500 from each county. Findings are expected to be released early this Fall.

For more information about the survey, email

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